A Pratical Guide

Steven Berbeco

Case Method and the Arabic Teacher: A Practical Guide compiles original case studies that address the unique challenges of teaching Arabic at the high school level. The book's engaging and accessible classroom scenarios reflect the experiences of a diverse group of Arabic teachers working in a variety of educational settings ranging from elite private schools to large public schools with low income student populations. In the case studies, teachers offer compelling accounts of the political, institutional, and curricular issues they encountered not only in their classrooms, but also in their wider schools and communities. Combining research-based methodology with firsthand pedagogical narratives, this book is a valuable resource for teachers, teacher trainers, researchers, and other stakeholders who support the teaching of Arabic.



This is an invaluable contribution to the field. It will be of great interest to those hoping to train Arabic teachers or become an Arabic teacher. Absolutely a unique work!




—Lucy Thiboutot, Editor of the Arabic K-12 Bulletin

Case Method and the Arabic Teacher provides an outstanding research-based resource for methodology classes and other Arabic teacher training programs.


— Wafa Hassan, Director of the STARTALK Arabic Teachers' Program, Director of the Arabic Language and Culture Program at Global Educational Excellence, and Director of the Michigan Arabic Teachers' Council

Recent discussions for preparing Arabic teachers overlook the essential challenges of social context, institutional constraints, and interpersonal relationships that teachers face every day. These issues are emphasized in Dr. Berbeco's text, which will provide a valuable contribution to the field, highlighting challenges that are familiar to teachers but receive far too little attention in materials for teacher preparation.


— Richard Cozzens, Director of the STARTALK Arabic Summer Academy