Portrait of Dr. Jung

Series Editor: Sandro Jung, Distinguished Professor at Fudan University, Shanghai

This series focuses on up-to-date, text-specific, and text-theoretical approaches to the literature and culture of Britain, Europe, and America from the fifteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries. It publishes innovative scholarship that promotes an understanding of literature as closely related to, and informed by, other discursive forms, especially the multifarious visual cultures of a given time. Edited by Sandro Jung, Distinguished Professor at Fudan University, Shanghai.

The Genres of Thomson’s The Seasons

Edited by Sandro Jung and Kwinten Van De Walle with Contributions by Carson Bergstrom; Sandro Jung; Christopher R. Miller; John D. Morillo; Kate Parker; Juan Christian Pellicer; Alfred Sjödin; Tess Somervell; Kwinten Van De Walle and Thomas Van der Goten

Annotation in Eighteenth-Century Poetry

Edited by Michael Edson - Contributions by Barbara M. Benedict; Thomas Van der Goten; David Hopkins; William Jones; Sandro Jung; Tom Mason; Mark A. Pedreira; Adam Rounce; Jeff Strabone; Alex Watson and Karina Williamson