Comprehensive Planning, Implementation, and Long-Term Management

Larry Lodwick

This electronic-book provides a comprehensive examination of the systems approach to habitat restoration. The approach includes methods for the thorough planning necessary to restore, implement, and maintain both structural and functional aspects of natural habitats on previously disturbed sites. Implementation of the plan requires not only the following the plan, but providing the logistics and adaptive management to ensure success. This book is an extended communication to novices and entry and mid-level environmental professionals detailing many of the skills needed to be not only successful in restoring and maintaining habitats, but includes navigating the regulatory requirements and the potential financial assistance which comes from governmental and private sources. The approach is not so much a “hands-on skills” or a “cookbook” approach; rather, the book imparts the strategies and tactics needed if you are to be successful in your career. The book has the techniques necessary for a wide variety of habitats, with hyperlinks to specific and detailed techniques for specific species and habitats.


The approach is develop a strategy to habitat restoration as a functional system¸ not simply restoring single species or group of species. From initial considerations in site selection, acquisition, optimal buffer designations, and implementation, through long-term management, the approach is to ensure success in maintaining long-term ecological structures and functions.

9781611461329 (RLPG)
Lehigh University Press - Creative Habitat Restoration